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Shoshanah Thielle, CHt

Shoshanah Thielle, MA, CHt, "Yes, Hypnosisi Works!" website

I am a certified hypnotherapist in Eugene, Oregon. I have been practicing hypnosis and guided imagery for 30 years. Hypnosis puts you in touch with your inner resources, allowing you to bring more of what you want into your life. Hypnosis is safe and gentle. It is the fastest and most effective way to make positive changes in your life; either physical, emotional or spiritual.

Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to enhance your immune system, reduce tension and stress, lower your blood pressure, improve your entire circulatory system, improve focus and concentration, elevate your feelings of self-esteem, and release you from addictive behaviors.

In hypnosis, we are able to bypass the critical mind where your old thoughts, old beliefs, and negative patterns reside. Hypnosis allows these old beliefs to be released. During hypnosis, your mind is open to new ways of thinking.

All of my sessions are individualized to meet the needs of each person. Call me to find out more about insurance coverage for hypnosis. Some weekend appointments are available.

Rates: Sliding scale.  Call me for rates, and for info about discounts for packages of 4 or more sessions.  

The list of what hypnosis can do is actually endless.

These Are Some Of The Issues I Specialize In

Stop smoking or chewing

Stop smoking now! Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to stop the habit of smoking or chewing. By stopping smoking, you will have more energy and stamina than ever before. Your lungs will be clearer; your immune system and circulatory system will be stronger; you will smell better. You will have a lot more money too. No matter how long you have been a smoker, it is now time to stop.

Treatments are covered by some insurance companies.

Call today for more information or to make an appointment. Bring a friend for free.

Healthy weight / Healthy food choices

Weight issues are sometimes a lifelong struggle. We all know that yo-yo dieting doesn't work and is unhealthy. Hypnosis is not a diet: hypnosis will assist you to make healthy food choices for what your body really needs.

My approach with each person is very individualized, depending on your specific situation. Treatments are covered by some insurance companies.

Call today and start to get healthy. Bring a friend for free.


Do you feel that your fears are holding you back from having a full life? Hypnosis is an effective way to help you release them. Some fears are: public speaking, test taking, heights, flying, animals, new situations, etc.

What fear are you ready to release?

Pregnancy and childbirth

Make your pregnancy and childbirth easier. Whether you choose a traditional or non-traditional childbirth, whether it is a home birth or a hospital birth, whether you have a doctor or midwife, hypnosis will greatly assist you in your pregnancy and child-birthing process.

Stress release and relaxation

Stress, over long periods of time, can cause many problems. It can increase the likelihood of heart problems, digestive problems, headaches, migraines, etc. It can increase pain levels in some people. Stress affects your ability to focus and to make good choices regarding your health. High stress leads to increased accidents and difficulty with relationships and job situations.

Hypnosis is highly effective in releasing stress and tension in your physical and emotional body.

I work with people who are dealing with care-giver stress and with grief.

Hypnosis is like having a massage with words. It is extremely soothing and relaxing. You will be surprised at how good you feel after a session. You can bring a friend for free.

Call today and start to make your life a little easier.




Shoshanah's Healing Massage & Gentle Yoga

Shoshanah Thielle

Yes Hypnosis Works, Shoshanah Thielle, MA CHT

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