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Healthy Eating; Healthy Weight - 3 hr. group



Healthy Eating; Healthy Weight
- call for new schedule -

Using Guided Imagery & Hypnosis to: 

  • Eat healthy - feel better
  • Be positive and in control
  • Boost energy and self-confidence
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Relax & reinforce positive behavior
  • Release cravings. Let go of sugar, excess carbs, junk foods and soda.
  • Finally be able to have control over food and the way you want to eat.
  • Let go of guilt and shame and feel good about who you are,
  • Be able to walk away from sugar, fast foods, processed foods and soda.

THREE hour class - call for new schedule 

Cost: sliding scale from $45 to $60 

Register now  -  Maximum class size - 8 women

 Contact   Shoshanah Thielle, CHt -  541-968-1572  


Testimonials from some of Shoshanah Thielle's clients:

I never thought I could possibly stop eating sugar. I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. I was having pain in my ankles and knees because of my weight. My blood sugar levels now register normal and I have a regular exercise plan that is easy to follow. I see Shoshanah once a month for my tune-up. My self-esteem has grown. I feel so proud of myself that food does not control me anymore and I am now in control of my life and making all the healthy choices that Shoshanah has taught me.

—Lisa M., Cottage Grove, OR

 I loved this class with Shoshanah.  The hypnosis we used helped me stay focused on my goals and I lost the weight I wanted.  But even more important was the focus on starting to love and appreciate my body.  And not just when I lost the weight, but loving myself even with imperfections.  And I enjoyed learning more about nutrition and food choices that support my health.  Kelly M.

My weight has fluctuated up and down for years. They call it yo-yo dieting.  I realized that kind of weight loss is not good for my body.  And I don't keep the weight off.  As soon as I stop focusing on my diets, I go back to a bad way of eating.

Working with Shoshanah has been completely different.  With hypnosis, I've changed my eating patterns for good.  I no longer eat when I'm bored, upset, or lonely.  I wish I had found her years ago!

Sandra K., Eugene, OR


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