Pre-Diabetic Healing and Support Group

Learn to take control of your health.
Using Guided Meditation you will learn to relax deeply, and use the creative part of your mind, so you will be able to visualize true health and well-being.

You will develop the ability to stay focused on living a healthy lifestyle, and you will be able to bring your numbers down. No one wants to become diabetic. You can finally be in control.

We will focus on lowering carbohydrates, eliminating sugars, eating healthy proteins, drinking water, and moderate exercise.Each session will include guided meditations, group discussion, and examples of easy exercise.

You are encouraged to stay in touch with each other, share recipes, support each other, and share your

For more information and current class scheduling, contact me.  
If you have any trouble paying through this website, let me know and we will take care of it by phone.

Shoshanah Thielle 541.968.1572.
Thank you for your interest.  I look forward to talking with you.

I have worked privately with Shoshanah on many health issues.  Recently, my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic.  I do NOT want to become diabetic.  My doctor told me I could avoid this with careful diet, exercise and bringing my stress down.  I am thrilled to attend Shoshanah's support class.  I think a group will help me, and others.  I am grateful that it is so affordable.   T. L.  Eugene


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