Class: Yes, Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss

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‚ÄčYes, Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss

Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight
Begins Mon. Sept. 14 - a 4 week class

Join us for the online class that will help and inspire you to take better care of yourself.
*  Lose weight
*  Have a healthier diet
*  Exercise
*  Take quiet time for yourself
*  Shop wisely
*  Make a weekly menu

Be in control of how you choose to eat.
Each week we will focus on an issue to keep you moving ahead.
This class is for everyone that needs to lose weight and eat healthier.

Some of the issues that we will address:
*  Sugar addiction
* Junk foods, soda, candy diet foods
*  How to get a balanced diet
*  Fiber and protein requirements
*  Over eating
*  Emotional eating
*  Pandemic, stress eating
*  Processed foods vs Whole Foods

Each class will have two 20 minute sessions of Hypnosis. The hypnosis will reinforce all the concepts that we talk about.

Hypnosis is safe, gentle , powerful, energizing and relaxing.

It works with your subconscious mind, allowing new and healthier ways to think about food and your body. This is not a diet, you will not feel deprived, but instead you will feel empowered to be able to finally take charge and be in control.

You have tried to lose weight many times, tried different diets that work for awhile till you feel so deprived that you go back to the old way of eating and you gain weight once more.

We are here to help you embrace a new and healthier lifestyle. We are here to support you and cheer you on.

Call or text today.  YOU ARE WORTH IT.
We are offering the class on a sliding scale to make it affordable for anyone interested.
Sliding scale: $24 to $199  
(Choose the price level that fits your financial situation)

Begins: Monday, Sept 14 -  a four week class   Your price covers all 4 weeks.
6.30 to 7.45
pm  (PST)
You will receive the Zoom link after registration.

Shoshanah Thielle, CHt   541.968.1572
Nancy Mac, CHt    541.914.8645

Please note:  our website is new, and if you find any problems with registration/payment, please let us know and we can register you manually. 


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