16 February 2024

Can Anyone be Hypnotized?

As hypnotherapists, we have been using therapeutic hypnosis for 40+ years. (longer if you add both of our times together).

We believe that any person can be hypnotized. Obviously, some people are more receptive than others. But anyone can be hypnotized.

There are several factors that affect this receptivity (besides basic personality and brain function):

What is the setting? Is it on stage? In a group setting? Or, an individual session?

Is the person willing to be hypnotized? Hypnosis is not mind-control. So, if a person is not willing, they will have a high resistance and it will, most likely, not be effective. No one can be hypnotized against their will.

What is the skill level of the hypnotist? Do they know how to connect with the person and answer any questions? Do they have the experience and skills to work with this person’s goals?

Does the person trust the hypnotist? If they do not, they will probably have a high level of resistance. This is as it should be.

What are their goals? To let go of stress, panic or anxiety? To stop smoking? To lose weight? To deal with PTSD or trauma? To have a past life memory? Some goals are more easily reached, and some take more time.
But if a person expects a magic solution in one session, they will probably be disappointed.  Hypnotherapy often helps a person make changes more quickly and easily than many approaches, but is not usually an instant fix. 

What are their expectations? Some people relax and go deep very quickly. Other people might relax and start getting some benefit, but not be deeply hypnotized the first time. It might take several times before they relax and go deep enough to get results for their goals.

    Some people have the false impression that only people who are easily influenced can be hypnotized.  Totally false!  Research has shown that hypnosis works best with intelligent people; creative people, and strong-willed people.  (All of this assuming that the person is open, curious and trusting of the hypnotist.  They don't have to believe it will work, just be open and willing to try.)

    What is your experience? Feel free to contact us to ask any questions.

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    Yes, Hypnosis Works!