Everybody's Yoga - with Shoshanah

Therapeutic Yoga....Private sessions in person, or online.
Why private yoga sessions
instead of a class?
I will be able to individualize each session, focusing especially on your needs of the day.  The style of Yoga that I teach focuses on adapting the postures to the individual student.  Every person is different, each person has specific needs, abilities, and disabilities.

I work with a wide range of students, people of all ages (from 5 - 95), some who have never done yoga, some who are advanced students, some people who are uncomfortable in a class, some with mobility issues, and others who cannot sit on the floor.  I work with athletes, and people with physical limitations.

I enjoy and love working with all types of people, encouraging you to live a healthy lifestyle, learning that you can feel better, be stronger, and become more flexible, no matter what your age or ability.  Each session ends with a Guided Meditation that will unlock your creativity, and will leave you relaxed and energized, with a sense of well-being.

We can schedule one session or have ongoing regular sessions.
Shoshanah Thielle 541.968.1572

Payment: you can purchase through this website, or contact Shoshanah to purchase directly using Venmo, credit or debit card. 

When I attended Shoshanah's popular yoga classes, one of my favorite parts was the Guided Meditation at the end of the class.  It rounded out the class so peacefully, and I left more relaxed than ever.  Now, she is offering private classes (in person and on-line).  I am excited to receive her personal guidance and again experience the Guided Meditation that is designed just for me.  Thank you,  Amanda B., Eugene

Hello - I have physical limitations due to an old car injury.  Standard yoga classes often push me too much.  But Shoshanah is able to adapt each pose so that it works for me.  I trust her to help me regain strength and flexibility.   Jason,  Cottage Grove


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