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Using a variety of techniques, we work with you to improve parts of your life that need attention, so that you can achieve the health and wellness that you desire. We help you learn to find your inner strength, lead a healthy, vibrant and balanced lifestyle, and to ultimately feel your best. Discover how to take control of your life, find balance and reach your personal goals.

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Releasing Stress
Healthy Eating
Accepting and Loving your Body
Stronger Self-Esteem


Nancy Mac, CHt
Nancy Mac, CHt
Changing Old Patterns To Allow New Choices

Learn how you can create positive and lasting changes in your life.

Hypnosis is powerful, yet gentle.

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Shoshanah Thielle, MA, CHt
Shoshanah Thielle, CHt
Reach for the Stars. Hypnosis will Take You There.

Using Hypnosis or Guided Meditation, we release old beliefs, fears and habits.

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Hypnotherapy is powerful,
yet gentle.

Make the changes you desire.

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